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Dental aesthetics is based not only on the "white component"of the restoration but also on the "pink component."Gingival replacement prostheses have historically been used to replace lost gum tissue when other methods (e.g., surgery or regenerative procedures) were considered unpredictable or impossible. With this method, large tissue volumes are easily replaced. Tissue replacement prostheses may be used to replace tissue lost through surgical gingival procedures, trauma, ridge resorption or traumatic tooth extraction. Restoration of these areas can be accomplished with either fixed or removable prostheses. Materials used for gingival prostheses include pink auto-cure and heat-cure acrylics, porcelains, composite resins and thermoplastic acrylics, as well as silicone-based soft materials.

'Party gums' is a prosthetic device to correct definite aesthetic problems of major concern to the patient in the anterior segment of the dentition. It is a thin flexible silicone strip simulating natural gum tissue which extends to the areas between the teeth so as to cover the black spaces between them and restore the smile. It reestablishes gingival contour to correct gingival recession from vigorous tooth brushing and/or major periodontal surgery.