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Tooth Jewellery is the latest trend among the youngsters across the globe. The Jewellery comes in as an elegant compliment to the standard Jewellery. A sparking crystal or an aquamarine blue diamond on your tooth can surely create a distinctive expression of your individuality.
Tooth Jewellery is completely safe and the procedure is taken care of by dental professionals. The fixation takes not more than 15 minutes. In case you are not quite satisfied with the result, you can get it removed or replaced. The procedure doesn’t involved drilling and therefore causes no harm to your teeth. And yes, it is pain-free.

Tooth Jewellery is of 2 Types: Dental Gems

These are glass crystals available in 9 different colours – pink, emerald, emerald green, diamond, rainbow, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine and sapphire light.


These include 24-carat gold and white-gold jewellery. Some of the designs might also include rubies, diamonds and sapphires.